writing samples

Everyday Resilience
Emotional bouyance in choppy waters. (2009)

Imagine That!
How visioning spurs performance. (2008)

The Private to Open Spectrum
Open vs. private offices. (2008)

This is the Life
Structuring a life that supports both/and in an either/or world. (Jugglezine, 2009)

Future Work
Surprise! Your kids may be better prepared for it than you are. (Jugglezine, 2008)

The Elegant Solution
Flexibility is kind to workers--and the bottom line. (Jugglezine, 2008)

Riding Shotgun
An article about how to handle it when someone close to you makes a big decision that affects your life. (Jugglezine, 2008)

Set them Free
A Herman Miller research summary about alternative work styles. (2008)

The Siren Song of Multitasking
A Herman Miller research summary about the drawbacks of multitasking. (2007)

Intentional Living
How to find the time to do anything (not everything!) (Jugglezine, 2004)

Mutual Attraction
A Herman Miller research summary about how companies can find the job candidates most likely to be a good cultural fit. (September 2004)

Demystifying Corporate Culture
A Herman Miller research summary about the relationship between corporate culture and performance. (June 2004)

Taking on Workplace Change
A Herman Miller research summary about the important role change communication plays in any corporate change initiative. (April 2003)

The Journey to Good Works
Even a halting pace over a lifetime constitutes progress. (Jugglezine, 2001)

Seven Ways to Get Along in an Open Office
In an office where there are few walls--and even fewer secrets--good intentions aren't good enough. (Jugglezine, 1998)

What it Takes
An article about the characteristics of successful telecommuters. (Jugglezine, 1998)

Socially Responsible Investing: How One Fund Found its Way Through the Maze
From Investment Management Weekly (April 1991)

...and Now, a Tale You Won't Believe:
How Jane Pauley Stole the Show (or, What to Do When Opportunity Knocks for You)

From TeenAge Magazine (August 1986)

Hollywood's Maine Man: Judd Nelson
From TeenAge Magazine (April 1986)