examples of web work

Herman Miller (hermanmiller.com)
The editor on the five-person Herman Miller Internet Team from the site’s inception in 1995 until 1998. During that time, the site grew to 2,000 pages.

Juggle (jugglezine.com)
Co-creator and editor (1997 - 2009) of this Herman Miller-sponsored webzine for people who are trying to achieve a satisfying balance between work and home. Jugglezine was a 2002 Communication Arts Interactive 8 winner. 
Jugglezine was discontinued in June, 2009.  Please see Writing Samples for links to articles.

The Herman Miller Intranet
A member of the cross-functional team that developed and is enhancing Herman Miller’s intranet. Unfortunately, I can’t link to it since it’s inside the Herman Miller firewall. You'll just have to believe that the site is useful, useable, and progressive.

Design In Biz (designinbiz.org)
Writer of this site, which was developed by the University of Michigan with support from Ameritech. The purpose of the site is to educate small businesses about how design can help them accomplish their objectives.

VMF Capital (vmfcapital.com)
Writer of the corporate brochure and Web site for this registered investment advisor.